“I just wanted to drop you a line on what great service and support you have given me over the past 12 months, which has seen me as a client (City Link), candidate (successfully found Honda) and now a client with Honda (successful placements and on-going support)

It was difficult to know where to start as the journey we have been on has developed and grown at quite a phenomenal rate. Anyway here we go:

“I have found the service that I have received from Plumstead Bond to be refreshing and unique: you listen before jumping in with solutions, you give honest advice without being negative, and have always provided a great deal of lateral thought to complex requirements.  When recruiting for me, I have felt that you ensure you completely understand the company and team dynamics and look to assist in building a structure which matches the long term development needs of all parties.

Even more importantly, you take the pain out of recruitment by adding a sense of humour! You have successfully demonstrated that building a long term relationship with the client and candidate as a business partner is what is important.

Your post placement review after 6 weeks in the role is quite unique and informative from both a candidate and client perspective.

You have proven to be flexible and passionate with the challenge of the recent non-finance role in procurement and most importantly have provided a great shortlist in a quick turnaround.

I know I could go on and on but I feel you need to know that you have made a great difference to my life, you really have. It has been a great pleasure and I hope our relationship will continue to grow.”

Chris Wye – Manager Accounting, Honda UK