There are a wealth of factors that determine how much an employee earns, from their age, qualifications and career experience. Research gathered by Instant Offices – citing recent studies from Glassdoor, and – has revealed the key factors affecting salaries.


One of the top factors affecting salary was location, with London scooping the top spot for highest weekly wages.


Below is a list of the UK cities with the highest weekly wages:


Highest Weekly Wages


Area Wage
London £727
Reading £655
Crawley £633
Milton Keynes £619
Cambridge £609


Below is a table of the UK cities with the lowest weekly wages:

Lowest Weekly Wages


Area Wage
Doncaster £447
Wigan £436
Birkenhead £428
Huddersfield £424
Southend £413



One of the more obvious determiners of pay is qualifications. If having a professional qualification is necessary for the job then it can boast higher salaries.



Pay discrepancies between men and women have historically influenced salary. While the Gender Pay Gap is closing little by little. 2016 research from Monster found that the average annual salary for UK women was £22,381 and £32,961 for UK men. However, 2018 research has shown an improvement with women earning an average of £25,303 and men typically earning £30,524.



An employee with experience is a huge asset for any employer and some value it more than education. This could also shift the salary dial.