As professionals enter the New Year, they may start to question what their role means and how successful they truly are in their career.

Whether it’s boasting leadership skills and being able to manage a team of people or getting the opportunity to be in charge of your own learning and development plan, many aspects can constitute how successful an individual is at work.

In fact, a study of 2,000 UK professionals has revealed what they believe makes someone successful at work. According to the study carried out by CV-Library, the majority (69.7%) believe that being trusted to get on with their job is one of the key measures of success.

This was closely followed by earning over £50K annually (36.1%), being able to work from home when they want (21.3%), managing more than ten people (20.7%) and not having to report to anyone (16.4%).

Having their own office was ranked at fifth place (13.4%) while having access to 35 days of annual leave a year was sixth (12.9%). The list was finished with being able to travel for work (11.6%), having a company car (7.6%), being in charge of hiring and firing (5.4%) and lastly, having their own PA (5.2%).

“It’s great for your employees to have clear goals at work, but it’s important for them to be realistic; otherwise they may leave your business in search of something that better matches their needs,” said Lee Biggins, Founder and CEO of CV-Library.

“If in doubt, ensure that you talk to your employees about their aspirations. They’ll be keen to find out whether you’ll be able to meet their objectives and you’ll gain a better understanding of what they want from their career.”

In addition, the study discovered some stark differences between men and women when it comes to success at work. For example, it was revealed that more women favoured being trusted to do their job more than men (73.2% versus 67.2%).

40.6% of men said they would favour earning £50K over 28.5% of women, meanwhile 26.8% of women claimed they would prefer working from home when they want compared to 16.8% of men.

Biggins added: “Naturally, every employee will have their own objectives when it comes to work and what they want to achieve; and these might not always align with what you’re able to offer.

“However, it’s important to be transparent…Now’s a great time to take stock of what you currently offer to your employees and ensure that you’re showcasing this throughout your hiring process.”