Webmaster Zone

Adding New User

To add a new user:

  1. Go to the admin view
  2. Click Users
  3. Click Add New
  4. Fill in all fields except the website (not needed)
  5. When creating a password, you can set something easy like Password1234 but you must ask the user to change their password immediately by clicking their profile (Howdy… in top right of the admin bar) and creating a strong password.
  6. You can optionally choose to have WordPress send a preset email to the user with their account details by ticking the Send Password checkbox.
  7. Set the role as required. This will normally be Administrator for full permissions for Plumstead Bond employees. The roles (see the WordPress detailed explanation) can be summarised as follows:
    • Administrator – nothing is off limits
    • Editor – has access to all posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, and links.
    • Author – can write, upload photos to, edit, and publish their own posts
    • Contributor – has no publishing or uploading capability, but can write and edit their own posts until they are published
    • Follower (public sites) / Viewer (private sites only) – can read and comment on posts and pages
  8. Click the Add New User button

The user now exists but there is one last change to make. We don’t want the names of individual contributors to be published in the blog areas of the site, so need to create an alias:

  1. Click Users
  2. Click All Users
  3. Mouse over the user you just added and click Edit
  4. Change the Nickname to “Plumstead Bond”
  5. Set the Display name publicly as to Plumstead Bond
  6. Click the Update User button