Employers have an expectation that while an employee is working for their company, they will toe the line, act as an ambassador for the brand and ultimately get their job done to a high standard.

All of the expectations, as well as the employee’s roles and responsibilities, will be laid out in their contract. However, there are occasions where employees have gone off track and made big mistakes.

Here are four of the worst employee gaffes:

Ibiza blues

After coming back from holiday with a sun-kissed glow and a relaxing feel, most employees are ready to get back to work. However, one employee was likely to have felt holiday blues whilst still in Ibiza. After drunkenly jetting out to the Spanish island on a Sunday, the employee was unable to catch a flight home in time for work on Monday and she hadn’t booked off any annual leave.

Rachael Wynne, who struggled to catch a return flight until the Wednesday was faced with the shame of having to ring her boss to explain what she had done – The Daily Mail reported. “He said I had to get a flight sooner than that. I managed to book one for Tuesday morning but they emailed to say there were no flights left.

“I booked another for tonight to go via Frankfurt but they didn’t send me the tickets in time. I’ve now got a flight on Wednesday. The whole thing has cost me about £700.

“My boss was not happy at all but he’s alright now I think. He’s a great boss and it’s a great company to work for. He will be disappointed but hopefully, he’ll see the funny side.”

Adding insult to injury

An airport security worker has been given the boot after passing a passenger a note that read: “You ugly!” – The Evening Standard reported.

The airport episode happened last year though the customer was only recently able to retain a copy of security footage through a Freedom of Information Act request and this proved that the incident took place.

Passenger Neal Strassner told NBC: “I was more confused than anything. I kind of just looked at it and thought, ‘That was weird.'”

Bitter aftertaste

A hotel waiter has called customers “old people” on their drinks bill, leaving some elderly customers flabbergasted – The Sun reported.

While the waiter clearly wrote the words in an attempt to differentiate the tables, it is rude, offensive and does the brand’s reputation no favours.

After raising the issue, the hotel issued an apology letter stating that no disrespect or harm was intended with the wording.

General Manager at the Riverside Hotel in Cumbria, Jennifer Boow, said: “The issue has been raised and the member of staff concerned has been spoken to.

“They (the member of staff) were extremely apologetic and didn’t mean to cause any harm by what happened and no disrespect was intended by the wording.”

The forecast is windy

Earlier this year, a police officer was dismissed for breaking wind at work outside the sergeant’s office.

However, Claire Fitzpatrick told a disciplinary hearing trial that “it wasn’t deliberate” – The Sun reported.

In addition to her windy aspects, she admitted to using foul language while at work, including the C-word, but brushed this off as part of the ‘culture of banter’.

“I would joke about it. Sometimes I would speak like the character Borat or use a silly voice to say: ‘Rather out than in’”, she added.