Attending a job interview at the best of times is stressful enough for hopeful employees; thinking about what outfit to wear, worrying that they might arrive late or concerned they didn’t carry out enough research into the firm, a job interview is an intense process.


While each of these factors can be a real cause for concern, there are also several elements jobseekers pick up on during their interview, from the workplace’s atmosphere to the way that other employees talk to one another. These can all be considered huge red flags to a potential employee.

According to Vicki Salemi, Career Expert at Monster, these warnings can often happen during the recruitment process, and she advises that jobseekers should really evaluate the situation before agreeing to take on a role they may later regret.


She said: “Red flags during a job interview can occur, so it’s important to evaluate a prospective employer the same way they’re evaluating you,” reports Business News Daily.


A recent Twitter thread has been doing the rounds on the social media platform, where several users have come forward and revealed the biggest red flags they have experienced during a job interview.


TV and radio comedy writer James Felton started off the thread after he shared his experience at an interview where a door had to be opened using a spoon.


He wrote: “I once went for a job interview and there was no door handle on the interview room. To open it, they had to borrow “the spoon” from the boss and jam it in the mechanism.”


Twitter user Oli Kasin revealed that he was questioned on how he’d manage his sexuality in the workplace while attending an interview with an interfaith charity.


Meanwhile, Helen Callis was questioned by the MD on whether she had a boyfriend as they didn’t want her ‘going off to have babies’.


Russ replied to the post stating that he wouldn’t be offered a salary in return for his work, but instead would gain plenty of exposure.


He wrote: “Huff Post explaining that, whilst they valued my expertise, wit and writing skills, they didn’t actually have a budget for salary… but think of the exposure I’d get!

“I pointed out Arianna Huffington is worth $50m, so they could take my salary out of hers. Didn’t get the gig.”