It’s a candidate’s market, according to recent research from Recruitment and Employment Confederation/IHS Markit – so that means you’re going to need to stand out from the crowd if you’re looking to hire top talent.

The report revealed that candidate availability has fallen at a sharper rate in the second quarter of this year, and many firms are raising salaries in order to make their vacancies look more tempting. However, is this the right approach?

According to a new report by Hays, titled What Workers Want, based on the replies of over 14,000 workers, there are many things that can attract candidates to a firm.

Whilst most candidates want to work for an employer that has a reputable employer brand (68% of those surveyed) and one that will buy into their personal development (81%) there are some other crucial things that employers can do.

It’s up to recruiters, resourcers and those in HR to know the marketplace and advise them on what appeals to candidates – or, if you’re in-house, to make those changes yourself.

From Hays’ survey data, these are the top factors that candidates take into consideration when entering the recruitment process.

  1. They invest in their personal development (82%)
  2. Makes clear their products and services (76%)
  3. Shows them a career plan (76%)
  4. Has a public commitment to Diversity & Inclusion (73%)
  5. Offers them an increase to their current salary (72%)
  6. Has clearly defined brand values (68%)
  7. Has a public commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (61%)
  8. Has employee testimonials and reviews (55%)
  9. Has a clearly defined Employee Value Proposition (51%)
  10. Makes their financial performance public (48%)