“There are times in your working life when you need to call in the professionals give them a little time, and then rely entirely on their services.

Well the last 4 months have been one of those times for me and my existing team; we were taking on a truly international acquisition, with no expertise in house for recruitment.

I needed new staff, with specific skills and backgrounds quickly – within a month, and I had no time to spare to produce in-depth job descriptions, criteria lists and personality profiles.

So who did I turn to…? Plumstead Bond took the time to understand the 5 very different roles I needed to fill, took time to understand our business and how the development of the department would determine the differing personalities and skill sets that would need to dovetail together, they vetted and interviewed a huge raft of people, and allocated my time to interview.

Their briefing notes, the CVs and the choices of individual candidates that they presented were of an extremely high calibre, in several cases they made the job of finalising the offer, such a difficult one, because there was more than one person who fitted my view of the skill set and personality that was needed.

At the end of the project all of my head requests were filled with great people within a minimum time, these new people jelled well with the original team; they brought with them an excellent skills base and new and exciting ideas to help us move forward into this new era.

Without Plumstead Bond and their diligence and understanding and their intrinsic ability to read people and find common ground, we would be still searching, desperate for new hires – pulling in temps, which would be costing us time, and resource without a medium term solution, now we are working together forming a new stronger team – all thanks to Plumstead Bond.”

Julie Stephens – Director of International Finance, Embarcadero