REVEALED: Who parties hardest at the Christmas do?

The Christmas party, an event where organisations can finally let out that deep sigh they’ve been holding in for the past few months and throw some shapes to a bit of Wham.

Hang on a moment, that sounds way too tame. We all know that Christmas parties are a time where corporate gossip unfolds, ‘romances’ sparkles and, well, someone enjoys the free bar a little too much. But, who exactly, parties the hardest?

Well, well, well. Apparently, it’s HR who are the wildest at the work Christmas party, with 40% of those within the department considering handing in their notice the day after the party.

According to the survey by Instaprint, which quizzed 2,000 office workers about their Christmas party encounters, over half (51%) of HR professionals admitted to feeling nervous about going into work the day after the party, whilst 52% admitting to saying something they regret.

Perhaps this is due to the pressure on HR to be an organisational role model. Speaking to HR Grapevine, Karl Burnett, VP of HR at A+E Networks, told us that comments he often gets from colleagues at social events, include: “’I didn’t know you drank beer.’

“Just why people would assume that I’ve taken some sort of monastic vow is beyond me – but without a doubt – there is definitely a prevailing view of HR as some sort of ‘holier than thou’ priest-type figure,” he said.

Aside from embracing the opportunity to let their hair down, HR professionals also splurged on dressing to impress, topping the polls on the amount of money spent on a Christmas outfit with a whopping £181.61.

However, HR wasn’t the only rowdy crowd. Marketing and Sales were most likely to cause the most trouble at the Christmas party, whilst Senior Management let their hair down and showed a different side to their usual work façade.

The research also broke down the regions in which UK party-goers were most frivolous, with office workers in the North East coming up top.

Those in Scotland were most likely to regret asking for a pay rise at the Christmas do, whilst those in the South East are full of regrets about admitting having a crush on a colleague. Whilst gossipy individuals from Yorkshire and the Humber revealed a little too much: their co-worker’s secrets.