Cambridge, Oxford, Warrington, Reading and Swindon have been named the top places in the country for jobseekers, the Swindon Advertiser reports.

The research compiled by job website Adzuna found that these locations boast over 15 job opportunities per jobseeker in the area. This five-way location tie is the first in recorded history.

Despite this, the research also revealed the worst cities for jobseekers. Sunderland, Hull and Salford ranked in the top three for poorest opportunities for jobseekers In these cities, the competition is heightened and candidates are finding it more difficult to secure work.

And, with Brexit anxieties heightened in the employment sector, advertised salaries have slumped.

Andrew Hunter, Co-Founder of Adzuna, says: “Despite positive noises from the labour market in the first half of 2018, this latest data suggests a summer slow down in the UK job market and clear salary stagnation across the country.

“Britain’s biggest employers are nervous, anxious and looking for answers around Brexit.”

“If this uncertainty continues into late 2018, it’s very hard to see how rates of pay and hiring will improve and return to growth in the short term,” he adds.

Average UK advertised salaries have dropped month-on-month for the third consecutive month, as employers express concerns about the impact of a no-deal Brexit.

Contrasting the growth and optimism surrounding wages in early 2018, average pay rates have fallen for the last three months with the average advertised salary in the UK falling over two per cent between June and August 2018.