No one wants to reveal when they’ve dropped the ball on something or missed a crucial deadline. It can happen to even the most seasoned worker when tasks mount up and they get a little hot under the collar.


But when you accidentally screw up at work, honesty is quite often the best policy. While this may be the case, how should you approach the subject that you have inadvertently made a mistake?


According to Quartz, the easiest way to make up for a mistake made on your behalf is to apologise. Of course, uttering the words ‘I’m sorry’ doesn’t always come easy, however if you are sincere and offer a solution to the error you made can often transform a negative situation into a far more positive one.


In addition, for every apology made, you should ensure that it is unique while also taking into account the context of the error and the perspectives of everyone involved in the mishap.


Here is a list of helpful tips to help make saying sorry that little bit easier:

Don’t make excuses

It’s easy to use words such ‘if’ and ‘but’ before you actually apologise, however making up excuses and not taking responsibility straight away can cause friction and make you seem untrustworthy. Whenever you screw up, take ownership and reveal what’s happened in a matter of fact way.

Stop and think

If it is a large mistake you’ve made, it is worth taking the time to give yourself and others the opportunity to think and figure out how to handle the situation. This will also give you the chance to think it over and consider a response.

 Reveal how you intend to fix it

Lastly, share your thoughts on how you hope to fix the problem. Share with your superiors what actions you have put in place to ensure a similar mistake will never happen again in the future, then follow through with your next steps to rectify it.