Your candidates are a vital part of your business, and knowing what they think about you can be one of the most powerful tools at a recruiter’s disposal. Collecting genuine feedback from candidates you have placed at critical touch points throughout a candidate’s journey can give you invaluable insight into how you operate, and help establish trust.

With the recruitment industry now worth more than £32 billion, and more competitive than ever, let’s take a look at how candidate feedback can help you stand out from the crowd and attract the high-quality candidates your agency deserves.

Standing out from the crowd

Marketing your recruitment agency can be tricky from ensuring you differentiate yourself from the competition to attracting the right calibre of candidate needed. Choosing various methods of digital promotion is key too: Pay-per-click campaigns, SEO, whilst these are a great start, integrating genuine candidate reviews into your marketing toolkit can help establish trust and demonstrate your ability to deliver to clients.

Better yet, using a Google partner to collect reviews could help you generate star ratings across both paid and organic search results, helping you to stand out online and drive candidates directly to your website.

Build trust and attract better quality talent

Reviews can also be used to help you prove your level of service, building a brand reputation that’s recognised for excellence allowing you to become an agency that top talent wants to use.

For years the biggest route to attracting quality candidates was through personal recommendations. This process is now moving online, to the point where online reviews are becoming just as powerful as personal referrals. By using an invite-only reviews platform you only get genuine feedback from people that are engaged with your brand, and most importantly potential future candidates can trust. A simple link to your genuine feedback will help demonstrate you’re the real deal, increasing confidence and attracting a better quality of candidate!

Gain valuable insights to improve Service

Collecting reviews at each touch point of the recruitment journey gives you unprecedented insight into the candidate. Traditionally this has been a difficult and time-consuming process, resulting in a stream of unmanageable feedback.  Well now you have nothing to fear; not only can you automate the feedback process, you can now get automated and in-depth analysis as well. Putting these processes in place will not only save you a considerable amount of time, but also help you instantly identify key themes to improve the candidate journey, enhance consultant performance and ultimately make more placements.