Every employee wants validation from their boss. This is because it gives employees a sense of worth, they feel appreciated and they feel as though they have a valued purpose within the company.


For the majority of an employee’s career, they spend a large portion of time doing things that can help improve their boss’ perception of them, perhaps to help them climb the corporate ladder or to accrue a gleaming character reference that will benefit them in future when switching jobs.

There are many ways that employees may choose to go about this. Whether it is consistently staying late to prove commitment to the role or handing in work extra early and asking for constructive criticism to improve it, employees constantly strive to feel liked and valued by their boss as this gives them a sense of purpose.


But how do you get your boss to become your biggest advocate without coming on too strong? Business Insider explains five employee attributes that will turn a boss into their biggest fan:


Consistently going above and beyond

Showing initiative and enthusiasm is one trait likely to earn an employee some brownie points. Proving that they are not only a self-starter but are willing to go the extra mile for success is key. This shows that they have a vested interest in the business and that they share the same desire of success as their boss.


Locating problems and finding solutions

If an employee finds a problem that a boss hasn’t even picked up on, it is something that will likely impress their boss. But, locating the problem is just one part of forming a good impression. Employees who present their boss with options on how to solve problems will likely result in the boss becoming their biggest fan.


Making the boss look good

An employee who keeps their boss in the loop and maintains a decent two-way street communication process is one way to keep the boss on side. If the boss and the team work in tandem, work will be completed effectively and to a high standard and this is something that will paint the boss in a good light.


Taking ownership of their projects

Employees who are able to manage their own projects from the initial concept right through to execution will go up in their boss’ estimation. If employees have the drive, and the support of their boss, to execute a project independently and to be accountable for the results, this will likely impress the boss.


Freeing up the boss’ time

Most bosses spend their days cooped up in unnecessary meetings and bogged down with unmanageable workloads. The last thing that they need is to add more dates to their corporate diaries. So, employees who help free up their boss’ time and take on extra workloads to help them is a sure way of getting the boss to become your No.1 fan.