When evaluating the sustainability of any job, there are many factors to take into account. For example, a job that you simply don’t care about will never yield your best work, as you simply won’t be invested in it.

Similarly, a brilliant job but one that has a toxic working culture may well appear to have longevity in the short-term, yet will inevitably prove to be unsustainable.

Other factors also make a vast difference; does the company take employee wellness into account? Are there chances to progress your career in the long-term? Does it offer competitive compensation and benefits, with regular salary reviews? All of these factors are essential to ascertain before making any commitment.

Worryingly, a lot of these factors come down to a singular individual, who has the power to simultaneously make the workplace a happy and productive place, or to create a toxic environment of backstabbing, confusion and dissonance. Whilst the vast majority of bosses understand the significance of their actions on their teams, some simply blunder on, making seemingly random choices, regardless of the impact.

Below are some prime examples of bosses that simply shouldn’t be leading any teams or companies – told by their own employees.

 Cooking up a storm

Reddit user and Chef Yayhotdogs, said: “We never get promotions or raises. Every person holds multiple positions. Nobody gets paid overtime. If we go over the 40 hours a week (and almost everyone does), we don’t get paid for the rest, yet we are expected to work overtime to finish the work. If you don’t finish, the boss will belittle you. Boss constantly shorts people money, so you need to constantly have a record of your hours. Sometimes your paycheck will be several days late. No calling in sick unless you can find a cover, but we don’t ever have coverage because everyone works too much. The restaurant might be out of a crucial ingredient. In that case, you will have to buy it yourself so that customers won’t complain. You will not be compensated. Where is the boss through all of this? He’s going on vacations. He’s putting his children through private schools. He’s buying new cars. He’s virtually M.I.A. until he wants someone to cook him a meal.”

 The art of profanity

Reddit user SpeedyCheese recounted: “My boss at the art gallery I worked for, a family business. It was awful. He would make appointments with clients, forget about it, and I would end up staying extra after work to see to the client and make sure business was taken care of. He also had his RETIRED parents working for him, treating them like crap and yelling at them. I once heard him screaming “F**K YOU DAD” at his senior father while I was dealing with two little old ladies out front. They were so appalled that they left. His parents had no idea how to use the computer systems either so I would have to fix all of their entries at the end of the day. Sometimes he just plain didn’t show up for work and I would get stranded there at the gallery.”

Part-time, full-time boss

Reddit user BromanJenkins said: “My current boss’ issue is that she’s incredibly detached from the realities of the job. She’ll leave at two after showing up at 10 without a word to anyone. When she does speak it’s either about how she needs someone to resend an email again despite it being in their sent folder and Outlook having a search function. She doesn’t know how to put together a presentation in PowerPoint and delegates out her functions to the rest of us, which is how I’ve ended up in management level meetings while she takes her daily afternoon walk.”

The lecherous leader

Reddit user TelyourmonIwillcall said: “I had a boss who was in his late thirties but had it bad for all the girls (most were in their early 20s) I worked with, one in particular. After starting work there I became with my coworkers and we began hanging out together outside of work. That’s how I found out about how he would send inappropriate texts to the girls at all hours of the night. When I became good friends with one of the girls that he particularly had a thing for he went from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde, and suddenly hated me. Always accused me for everything that went wrong and putting up falsified schedules that stated I had days off and then would write me up on those days for being AWOL, and when I transferred to another dept he actively tried to sabotage my transfer by contacting my future boss and telling terrible lies about me and my work ethic.”

 Bloody terrible

Reddit user NurseNesbitt said: “Worked in an office. He had chronic bleeding nose, but didn’t want to stop working to tend to his nose properly so, he would call me into his office and talk to me/give me instructions with wads of tissue sticking out of his nostrils. I could not concentrate on anything except the tissues. Finally had to tell him that it was too distracting and to please wait until his nose stopped bleeding before calling me in. Oh, and the fact that all the men in the office got promoted ahead of me and when I asked him about it he admitted I was more qualified, but “they have families to support.”