If you have a busy working day, you may be tempted to skip your lunch break; however, this is a bad idea


Your lunch break is vital for both your health and wellbeing, with missing it having the potential to make you feel tired, unfocused and nauseous. Here are eight vital reasons to take a lunch break.


You need food

Let’s start with the most obvious point: you need to eat! Eating will give your body essential nutrition and improve your brain function, making it much easier for you to be productive.


It gives you a chance to reflect

Sitting quietly and focusing on eating your meal will give you an opportunity to reflect on the morning, giving you the chance to mull over problems so that you can think of effective solutions.


It will improve your energy levels

Another benefit of eating food is that it will give your energy levels a boost, making you feel more alert and awake. This means it will be easier to concentrate on your work without getting distracted, even if you only take a quick 15-minute break.


You can take a nap

There are lots of benefits to taking naps, from helping to improve your mood to making it easier for you to solve problems. Lunch time is the perfect time to nap, as our bodies have a natural energy dip at around 2pm, making it much easier for you to fall asleep.


You can spend time in nature

If you work near a park, you can use your lunch break as an opportunity to reconnect with nature. Nature is great for the brain, can improve your attention span and your mood, and helps you to relax so that you feel less stressed.


You can work out

If your lunch break is half an hour or longer, you will have enough time to fit in a quick work out, helping to improve your overall health. Lunch time is also the ideal time to exercise, as physical performance is normally highest between 3pm and 6pm.


You can post on social media

If you are a person who loves to post on social media, you should definitely try to post during lunch time. This is one of the busiest times of the day, so you are much more likely to see higher interaction levels on your posts!


You can still work!

You can still work while you take a lunch break – just try to head to a coffee shop or a café to give your brain a change of scenery. This can help to improve creativity and productivity, but it is important to head to somewhere with a pleasant working vibe.


If you end up in a bustling café with shouting customers and screaming children, you will probably end up less focused than if you stayed at work!