Are you being watched at work? The answer is – probably. Monitoring both the office, and all computer-based activity is simply a part of office life and is generally implemented to ensure that workers aren’t breaking company policy and or, in more dramatic cases, the law.


Whilst we may assume that workers would be irate about the concept of being monitored, however, a recent survey conducted by security firm Gurucul discovered that 62% of all professionals have no issues with surveillance in the workplace.


Whilst surveillance does take place, workers would be relieved to discover that the key objective of the activity isn’t to catch them out for checking the news or browsing shopping sites in their downtime; Gurucul stated that insider threats are actually the biggest security issue that modern companies face due to the severe amount of potential damage they can cause, the threat of compromising sensitive data and their ability to go largely undetected.


“The insider threat is a serious problem for organisations simply because it comes from within the business,” said Saryu Nayyar, CEO of Gurucul. “Insiders know where sensitive company data is, who has access to it and, therefore, know exactly where to strike if they decide to take action. The fact that so many are not put off by the prospect of being monitored is great news. Activity monitoring is a vital tool to combat potential internal threats that many organisations should be implementing within their cybersecurity arsenals.”


And whilst security threats are the key use of employee monitoring, it also has the potential to improve the employee experience at work; various new programs are entering the workforce designed purely to analyse employee digital habits and inform senior management when an employee is at risk of suffering from burnout. “By employing behavioural analytics, companies are able to detect when employees’ behaviours breach individual ‘norms’ and can identify when people might be acting in a way that suggests they’re overworked,” added Nayyar.