With the majority of workers spending Monday to Friday cooped up in an office with their colleagues, the habits and traits of peers have the potential to massively hamper productivity and workplace happiness.

With Instaprint research showing that 58% of workers claim they feel regularly annoyed by the actions of their peers, there are many things that could distract employees from getting on with their day-to-day job.

Lincolnshire Live has collated a list of five of the most offensive colleague traits:


In most offices, aircon is a conflict of interest. Perpetually chilly employees-turned-reptilians will constantly be clutching a thermal jumper and earmuffs to stave off the wretched conditions caused by the aircon unit, while one overly hot employee will crank up the breeze a notch or two and make the rest of the team suffer.

Erocious typers

For many office-bound employees, typing on a computer is part of their job, but do they have to do it so loudly? There is nothing worse than getting into the flow and being distracted by a colleague battering individual computer keys and making unnecessary noise.

Constantly ‘ill’ colleagues

Sick days are intended for when an employee is genuinely ill and unable to carry out their job in its usual capacity. However, there are always those colleagues who *cough cough* seem to be sick after a bank holiday weekend of boozing, despite have barraged Instagram with photographic evidence of their weekend antics. Convenient.

The borrower-turned-stealer

When this colleague ‘borrows’ something, you can almost guarantee that you will never see it again. Every time they promise you the earth yet you seem to find yourself without the full set of stationary that you started off with at the beginning of the year.

‘I forget my key card’

Turning up to work without your key card may be acceptable on the odd occasion but when it becomes more of a regular occurrence it is severely frowned upon. It really starts to grind when a colleague becomes responsible for letting them in – every day that they couldn’t be bothered to get organised and remember their pass.