When in doubt, remember the Boy Scout motto – always be prepared. And this is as true in recruitment as it is in any other form of life; only by being fully prepared for what may come can you really stand a chance of succeeding.

Candidates can sometimes be lax in this respect, and focus too much on the aesthetic of the interview rather than the nitty gritty. As a recruiter, it’s your job to help guide applicants through the darkened winding path of interview prep, out on to the beckoning plains of career fulfilment.

For these purposes, we’ve created a map – a set of directions to pass onto your candidates in order to help steer them in the right direction.

Below are three interview tips that will help steady even the most nervous of jobseekers.

  1. Enter the right mindset

Candidates can often become too preoccupied with nerves to enter the right mentality before an interview. In fact, interview anxieties have affected 65% of candidates so much that they were unable to show off their true ability during a job interview, research from totaljobs found. Of course, candidates know that all interviews are a make or break situation, but they are also a chance to showcase skills and have a fulfilling conversation.

Tell your jobseekers to do some research, practice some breathing techniques and approach the interview as an opportunity rather than a judgement.

  1. Prepare questions

As mentioned in the first direction, remind candidates to think of the interview as a conversation. As such, it’s important they prepare questions. A one-sided conversation is boring, and shows nothing of the applicant’s abilities. Remember to remind candidates to research the company and come up with at least three thought-provoking questions that demonstrate they know what they are talking about.

  1. Be honest

This probably seems obvious, but when candidates get nervous they tend to play fast and loose with the truth. It’s essential that you remind jobseekers to be honest about their weaknesses and answer every question knowingly and openly.

According to recent research from University College London, psychologists have found that honest jobseekers are more likely to land their dream role – The Daily Mail reports. The study shows that 92% of candidates misrepresent themselves in job interviews, in order to meet “short-term gains”.

The findings suggest that employers use interviews as a means of weeding out any false information previously given by the applicant, as well as any over exaggerations.